Wednesday, May 25, 2016

WinMD5 v2.0 to verify the Integrity of your Download

WinMD5 v2.0 is a free (98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7) utility for computing the MD5

hashes ("fingerprints") of files. These fingerprints can be used to ensure that your file is

uncorrupted. Simply drag the files and the MD5SUM signature file to verify the integrity

of your download.

About WinMD5
If you've downloaded a large file over the internet, perhaps the latest RedHat s, you may

have wondered if your download completed correctly. Are the copies on my machine exactly

the same as the ones on the server?

MD5 is the name of a "hashing" aorithm which can answer this question. MD5 hashes are

fingerprints of files. You can compare the fingerprints of two files to see if the files themselves

are the same.

In order to be useful, you have to know what the correct fingerprint for a file is... otherwise,

you cannot tell if your file is right or not. If you're downloading a large file, look for a file

named "MD5SUM", or something similar. This file contains the correct fingerprints. Dragging

an MD5SUM file onto WinMD5 causes the fingerprints to be compared automatically.

This program allows you to compute the MD5 hashes of files. It also makes it very sy to

compare the fingerprints against the correct fingerprints stored in an MD5SUM file. RedHat,

for example, provides MD5SUM files for all of its large downloadable files.

Download Here

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