Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Virtual DJ Studio v6.9.1 full version + free download

Software overview:

Welcome to Next eration Software's web site for Virtual DJ Studio, our full-ftured DJ and

Karaoke system. Virtual DJ Studio redefines the concept of DJ and Karaoke software on the PC.

VDJ offers ftures you simply will not find in other programs, at a price the competition simply

cannot match.

Virtual DJ Studio is not like all of the other DJ programs out there. While other programs limit you to

two players with a Cross-Fader, Virtual DJ Studio provides you with an entire studio.

Virtual DJ Studio gives you a mixer-board interface. ch line offers things you would expect from a

typical mixer -- volume fader, mute, crossfader assignment, etc. Additionally, ch line contains an

/WAV/Karaoke player, with all of the controls you might expect -- including a Pitch/Tempo control.

If you have two or more sound cards/audio devices, you can route any line to your secondary device, for

hdphone preview or bt-matching. Alternatively, you might use this fture to simply allow more

control with your external mixer.

You can either play an that has a corresponding .G file, or you can play directly from a ZIP

file. VDJ does this directly, with no need to crte temporary files (like most other programs do). VDJ is

the only Karaoke system that lets you seek while directly playing a ZIP or file, without ever

losing sync!

Even though VDJ looks different from other Karaoke programs, it still contains a Singer's List fture.

When enabled, you can queue up any of songs, along with the name of the person who wishes to

sing it. From there, you can drag a song into a line in VDJ, or simply double-click to launch the file in the

first line. VDJ will also display a list of singers/songs in the G window when no karaoke file is being

played (for example, if your G window is connected to a second monitor, television, or multiple

s, your patrons will know who's up next, and when their song will be up).

Don't be intimidated by the of buttons you see in the picture. If you have a knack for audio

equipment, you will quickly pick up on VDJs use. VDJ comes with a complete Help file, including a

Getting Started guide that will have you mixing s in no time!

VDJ allows you to use an extra sound card for CUEing, or Previewing, a sound file. You can use this

fture to assist with bt-mixing (fading two songs together on-bt), or for simply previewing a song

before playing it live. Many DJs use their laptop's built-in sound for previewing (since the quality of the

internal sound chip is often lacking), and an external USB audio device for their main mix. This

configuration allows you the flexibility you are used to with dual decks and an external mixer; just

like a rl mixer, enabling the CUE button routes that line to the hdphone output (eg, to your

Secondary Sound Card).

Download links:

Download virtual dj studio full version below:

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Download below:

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Download virtual dj studio full version below:

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Download below:

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