Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Firefox os review

Firefox OS review:

With lot of waiting finally Mozilla relsed there first OS. However its a preview but it carries many

ftures which will be similar in there forthcoming original OS. This is the first view when i unpacked.

the phone....

Like always Mozilla relsed phone in orange color.Most of the interface mixed with the orange color

providing it pretty look.

Wow this is geek's phone... This is when i first loaded it.Nice to see the log on screen.

The front looks just like xperia where a color ribbon apprs to the corresponding color

of phone.

The back looks good with a spker on the lower ribbon and its butifully engraved Firefox name.

Firefox provided buttons to lock,unlock and volume on one side providing sy handle with just single

thumb. Nice to see that.

Forgot about charging it's provided on the right side and the jack for hdset is provided on the top.

When you press the unlock button you will be popped up with two options either to unlock or to open

cam. This is little bit inconvenience as user has to press the button and press other to unlock. I suggest

they should include swipe for unlock or camera.

This is the home screen where Firefox,messenger,call and contacts are given as default buttons. If

you don't like them you can change. This is just like android. When you long press the home screen it \

shows list of gadgets and you can select one out of it.
The design of icons is like 's java which used to be there before 2 yrs.Like android's play

and iPhone's store Mozilla provided marketplace. And the rest options are represented with new

icons.These are butiful to see.

Now this is cool. To open menu no need of clicking home button. Just swipe right it goes to menu and if

you swipe left it goes to srch where it provides provision to pick a app out of a . When you

wanted to close the running apps just swipe up,oohhh that's make sy job.

The calling interface is same like android with no change. The only difference is the way in which caller

photo or data apprs when you receive a call.

The settings options look like those of android. I think that they took it from android because they felt it's

and standard and no new things to improve in it.

Battery option is nice because a battery level indior is provided which voids the need to install a

battery widget.

The message thrd is simple with odd orange color hd and orange title. I hope they change this and

the chat interface is provided with a red outer line for messages which are red.This is creepy..

The pad is simple and convenient to type. It's similar to that of android gingerbrd.

The best option i like in os is it has a restart option.

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