Wednesday, May 25, 2016

TuneUp Utilities 2013 v13.0.3020.10 full version + free download

Software overview:

In the s of PC optimization software, it can be hard to find the right set of tools to keep your computer

in tip-top shape. Luckily, TuneUp Utilities is here. A 16-yr veteran in the field of Computer Clnup,

TuneUp offers the latest revision of their famous TuneUp Utilities 2013, with some new tools and major

fixes that promise to improve the performance of any PC. The best part is that TU gives you full


TuneUp Utilities installation is relatively painless while taking up no more than 80MB of space. The

program does require you to consent to sharing information about your machine in order to install. This is

so TU can send system information to their server and check if there are any recent updates to the

software or OS of your computer. Upon installation, 1-Click Maintenance will ask to run. This is the core

of the utility. 1-Click will check everything including the registry, registry fragmentation, appliion

shortcuts, and program files, and hard fragmentation to find things that could use tidying

up.These are some pretty standard protocols. Regular users will be satisfied with the 1-Click

Maintenance tool as it is the main tool of TuneUp. After a successful scan, 1-Click will list all of the

issues and subsequently list solutions. For my main machine, it was mostly registry errors and shortcuts

from software testing. Clicking on the issue count will bring up a report of what TU found. From there

you'll have an option to choose what to ignore or fix. Looking at 500 registry errors and 345 browser

items, I got the feeling that TuneUp is not very discriminating about what it labels as a problem.

"Anything that can be removed in exchange for performance must go" is the philosophy here. With a

click of a button TuneUp will solve all of your problems. Additionally, the utility makes backups just in

case something goes horribly wrong -- good practice for whenever you stick your hands in the

registry jar.

Aside from 1-Click Maintenance, TuneUp Utilities 2013 also boasts a variety of tools to speed up overall

performance. TU can help with optimizing your display/animation settings, removing software, and

disabling startup programs. TU also includes a new tool called "Live Optimization." Live Optimization

claims to prioritize programs that run in the background and will only dedie processing power to those

appliions when they are being used. I saw it running on Acrobat and IrfanView when those

programs were minimized. However, the differences may not be noticble at first. The majority of the

optimizing tools require some effort on your part to customize the settings to your personal usage.

Luckily,TuneUp gives you 2 extra modes: "Economy" and "Turbo" to set your optimization to your

specific need."Economy" is nice for laptop users looking to maximize their battery life with options similar

to the power-saving mode built into . "Turbo" allows you to schedule optimization and clnup

frequency as to not interrupt important moments when you need to squeeze the most power out of your

machine. These modes can be switched on the fly. Uninstallation was simple and tidy. TU left few

traces on both my 7 and 8 machines after removal, although it did require me to go

through ' Control Panel to uninstall.

Overall, I felt that the utility did what it claims to do and did it well. The test PCs booted up faster with

the recommended optimization, which also improved overall responsiveness when launching appliions

and running programs. It might not make your computer feel brand new but it should improve performance

enough to hold the format monster at bay. There are some powerful optimizing tools in TuneUp Utilities

that I barely scratched in this review. Intermediate users will enjoy its full functionality but novice users

should still be able to get most benefits that TU offers. Take advantage of the 15-day trial and discover

how TuneUp Utilities 2013 is a serious contender in the optimizing market.


With a robust set of new ftures, TuneUp Utilities 2013 now has powerful wpons on the market to

fight data clutter. The brand new TuneUp Clner is one of the most comprehensive and safest PC

clners available. It quickly and thoroughly deletes program residue and data clutter to give your PC air

to brthe, run faster and more reliably. The improved TuneUp Registry clns registry entries better than

ever, while the enhanced TuneUp Shortcut Clner remains unmatched in removing orphaned shortcuts.

Plus, the new TuneUp Process Manager helps you identify all those resource-hungry appliions that

hinder PC speed and performance.

The TuneUp Browser Clner quickly and sily protects your privacy by deleting traces left by Internet

Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Firefox, and other browsers, while also optimizing browser

databases. The improved TuneUp Live Optimization provides performance boosts when you need them by

recalling which programs and processes slow down your PC and allowing you switch these to "Standby"

mode, with the help of TuneUp Program De. In addition, TuneUp Process Manager helps you

detect resource-hungry appliions even faster. The sy-to-understand information on all background

processes shows you exactly what's running on your PC. And last, but not lst, the new clning

ftures raise 1-Click-Maintenance and Automatic Maintenance to a completely new level in PC


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Download tuneup utilities full version below:

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