Wednesday, May 25, 2016

MiniTool Partition Wizard v7.8 + Boot Builder free download

Software overview:

MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition is a free partition manager software designed by MiniTool

Solution Ltd. Our partition manager supports 32/64 bit Operating System including

XP, Vista, 7 and 8. Users can perform complied partition operations by using this

powerful yet free partition manager to manage their hard . Functions include: Resizing partitions,

Copying partitions, Crte partition, Extend Partition, Split Partition, Delete partition, Format partition,

Convert partition, Explore partition, Hide partition, Change drive letter, Set active partition,

Partition Recovery.


* Convert NTFS to FAT.

* Change Font.

* Convert MBR to GPT .

* Convert GPT to MBR .

* Copy Dynamic volume.

* Copy UEFI boot .

* Fully support UEFI boot.

* Extend partition with one step.

* Split one partition into two safely.

* FULLY Support 4096-byte-sector-based hard drive.

* Align all partitions or align a specified partition to optimize hard drive performance.

* Resize/Move Partition: sily resize/move partition without data loss.

* Crte, Format, Delete Partition.

* Convert Partition format from FAT to NTFS.

* Hide and Unhide Partitions, set active partition, label drive letter.

* Hot Extend Partition without reboot.

* Change cluster size without data loss.

* Partition Copy: Copy entire partition to unalloed space with high performance file-by-file. moving

technology. Backup or move data without any data loss.

* Partition Recovery: Scan to restore deleted or damaged partitions.

* Hard Copy: Copy an entire to a different quickly and sily with data clone technology.

* Backup data without data loss.

* Support 32/64 bit Operating Systems.

* Visually demonstrate your /partition configuration to preview changes before apply.

* Support RAID.

* Support single s or partitions larger than 2 TB

*Support up to 32 hard s within one system.

* Set partition as primary.

* Set partition as logical.

* Rebuild MBR.

* Surface Test.

* Partition Surface Test.

* Change Partition .

* Change Partition Type ID.

Download links:

Download mini tool partition tool full version below:

click here

* Since adfly is blocked in India we are providing special links for them below.

Download mini tool partition tool full version below:

click here

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