Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Mario game for 7 and 8 free download

Game overview:

Missing mario game which used to be your favorite game in your childhood. Don't worry now mario can

be played on 7 and 8 using a special emulator.

The rson why mario is not supported in 7 and 8 is,mario is a 8 bit

developed to run on Pentium based architecture. Since the architecture was changed from dual core

processors onward,a new OS had to be designed based on new architecture.This is the rson why mario

and all old games are not supported before.

But now this emulator given here is capable of emulating the old environment.So

now old games can be made to run on new operating systems.The procedure for playing mario on

7/8 is as follows.


1. Download the file given below.

click here
For countries where adfly is blocked download game from below.

click here
2. Extract it and open it.

3.Now run the 'nnnesterJ' file in 'Emulator' folder.

4. After that open the 'ROM' folder and drag and drop the file to the emulator.

That's all now mario will run on 7/8.

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