Wednesday, May 25, 2016

How to change to new gmail look?


The new gmail interface is interesting as it separates various types of your mails depending on

the egory. This is quite useful now a days because there are lot of spam mails,promotional mails,

fraud mails,important mails are received by users. Some of them might not have time to srch for a

specific mail from a of mails.

The new gmail is useful to such kind of persons. The new gmail system analysis your

mails and separates it into various groups depending on the content they carry. This makes most of our

work sy because suppose if i wanted to rd mails regarding to offers i need not srch just select the

group corresponding to it.

The below steps are useful to them who desired to have new gmail interface or wanted

to switch to old one.


1. On the top right side of your inbox you can see the settings button. Click on that and select the

configure inbox option.

2. Now there are 5 options for you to choose

1.Primary- Contains your main mails that contain normal content.

2.Social- Contains Facebook,twitter etc mails.

3.Promotions- Contains mails like "get 1 T-shirt for Rs.100 or 2$".

4.Updates- Contains mails like " check out your new google activity".

5.Forums- Contains mails from,tech forums etc.

3.Select any options that you like or select all. Then the gmail takes some time to arrange all

your mails.

Alas! your new gmail is rdy.

This is how it looks after.......

The most wonderful thing is ch of the group is given a unique colour so anyone can differentiate them.

One thing i hoped to have is that it might have option to crte our own group,but i understand it is some

aorithm issue.

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