Wednesday, May 25, 2016

games(nes games or nintendo games) for pc free download


I used to play games in my childhood,i liked them very much. Bust as time passed they

became fossils. Technology changed games to computer games,XBOX games,PSP

games etc. People just throwed butiful small and enjoyable games into dustbin.I ever wanted

them to play in my laptop.I srched a lot and finally got a method to play them in laptop.I will show

you how and you will love to play them.


1.First download the emulator and the games from below link.

Download games and emulator below:

click here
(To reduce complexity of download i kept all games in a single file).

2.Just run the emulator.

3.Now select you desired game from the downloaded file and just drag and drop the game in to the


4.That's all..... Now you can enjoy your games.

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