Wednesday, May 25, 2016

How to remove write protection from Pen Drive in 8(4 methods)

1. Editing the Registries to Remove write protection from USB drive Followthe steps one
afteranotherto more write protection from the Pen drive.
1. Press CTRL + R to open the RUN box,

2. Type REGEDIT and hit enter

3. Navigate to H_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet > Control

> StorageDevicePoliciesand hit enter.

4. Give a double click on the WRITE PROTECT and a box will open in that enter the Value as 0 and

press OK button

5. Now restart your PC and again connect your USB pen drive to your computer and verify.

That’s it hopefully it will work.

Note: – In case you can’t find the “StorageDevicesPolicies” in the Registry settings follow the steps below

1. Open your Notepad and copy the below to it

\regadd“HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\StorageDevicePolicies” /t Reg_dword

/v WriteProtect /f /d 1

2. Now save this as add.bat (it should be with .bat extension or else it won’t work) and run it.

3. Now continue the above process and it will work fine.

2. Formatting the Pen drive before OS boots to Remove Write protectionFollow the below
steps carefully to remove write protection from the USBstorage drives
1. Shut down your PC/LAPTOP
2. Connect your USB drive to your PC/LAPTOP and turn it ON. While the system is booting press

F8 continuously and advanced booting option screen will open.

3. In that select Safe mode with command prompt.

4. After the files loads, in the command prompt navigate to the drive of your pen drive.At first it will

look something like this C:\\system32>now let your drive letter is“H”. Then you have to

type C:\\system32>H:and hit enter

5. Now type H:\>format H:

it will again ask you for confirmation of Yes or No (Y/N). Type Y and hit Enter.

By doing this your pen drive will get completely formatted, which will remove the write protection

from it.

3. Using Command prompt to remove Write protection fromSanpen-driveFollow
thebelow mentioned steps to removewrite protection from the PENDRIVES
1. Press CTRL + R and open the RUN box.
2. Type CMD to open the command prompt window

3. In the command prompt type PART and hit enter

4. A new command window will open, in that again type LIST and hit Enter

5. Now again type “Attributes clr rd-only” and hit enter

You can even try this method to format your Pen drive completely and remove write protection from it.

4. Formatting the Pen Drive to Remove write protection from the pen driveHere is thestep by stepproceduretoremove the write protection from thependrive1. Open your desktop and give a Right click on the MY COMPUTER icon and select MANAGE
from the list.

2. From the left panel select the MANAGEMENT under STORAGE

3. Now give a Right click on our Pen drive and select format from it.

4. Conform it by clicking again on the YES and finally click OK to format all the above methods

are tested on Pen drives from all the branded companies and they are working perfectly. If all the

above mentioned methods don’t work for you before lving a comment check ch and every step

carefully. If you face any problem still with your problem just post your Pen drive company/model

along with error you are getting so that we can assist you.

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