Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Convert Text Message to Voice Message without using any Tool

Hello Guys now we are going to crte a our own free text to audio converterwith our own set of

coding.It can be done with some small steps

Step1:Open the Notepad from Start>All Programs> Accessories.

Step2:Then copy-paste the following in the text ar.

Dim msg,sapi

msg=InputBox("Enter your text:")

Set sapi=CrteObject("sapi.spvoice")

sapi.Spk msg

For Eg:InputBox(“Text2SpeechConverter”)

Step3:Open File>Save as

Step4:Then in the Save As dialog box enter any name for the file with the extension .vbs

and click on Save.

Step5:Then open the file that you had saved.

Step6:Enter the text which you want to convert to speech.

Step7:Click on OK button.

Now you will see the pure magic of . After the Dialog box closes you will

here what you had actually typed in the dialog box to Convert Text Into Speech In

by using notepad. You will be thrilled to know that your text has be converted in to speech.

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