Wednesday, May 25, 2016

XP SP3 Mac OSX Edition December 2008

Supported materials:

- Drivers
Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), Cameras and Camcorders, Display Adapters, Display Adapters (old), PS/2 TrackPoint, ThinkPad, ISDN, Logitech WingMan, SideWinder, Modems, Multifunctional, Portable Audio, Printers, Scanners, SCSI/RAID, Pen Tablet, Jog Dial, Tape drives, der card

- Hardware Support
Brother Devices, Gravis Digital GamePort, Iomega Zip drive, Multi-port adapters, Ram, Teletext c, CE USB Host

- Multimedia
AOL ART Format Support, s and Backgrounds, Media Center, Mouse Cursors, Maker, Music Samples, Old Player and Sound Recorder, Speech Support, Tablet PC, Media Player, Media Player 6.4, Sounds

- Network
Client for Netware Networks, Communiion tools, Comtrol Test Terminal Program, Connection Manager, FrontPage Extensions, H323 MSP, Internet Connection Wizard, Internet Information Services (IIS), IP Conferencing, MSN Explorer, Netmeeting, Network Diagnostic, Peer-to-Peer Share Crtion Wizard, Synchronization Manager, Vector Graphics Rendering (VML), Web Folders, Messenger

- Operating System Options
Administrative Templates, Administrator VB scripts, Blaster/Nachi removal tool, Color Schemes, Clnup, Document Templates, DR Watson, Extra Fonts, FAT to NTFS converter, File and Settings Wizard, File System Encryption, Help and Support, Input Method Editor, MS XML 2.0, Private Character Editor, Remote Installation Services (RIS), Srch Assistant, Security Center, Service Pack Messages, Shell Media Handler, Symbolic Debugger (NTSD), Tour

- Services
Beep Driver, Error Reporting, Fax Service, IMAPI -ing COM Service, Indexing Service, Messenger, Network DDE, Remote Registry, Removable Storage, Route Listening Service, RPC Loor, Secondary Logon, Telnet

Download XP SP3 Mac OSX Edition December 2008 | 590 MB
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

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