Wednesday, May 25, 2016

WordPerfect X6 v6. full version free download

Software overview:

The ledary suite for home and business users
WordPerfect X6 v6. || size:401.5 MB
A led among software for over 30 yrs, ® WordPerfect® is trusted by millions of home and business users as an all-in-one suite. WordPerfect X6 continues that tradition, offering the control, compatibility and power you need. Experience unmatched compatibility with support for over 60 file types, including the latest ® formats. Enjoy powerful built-in PDF capabilities, collaborate using integrated software and work smarter and faster using all-new ftures and classic WordPerfect tools. Take control with WordPerfect X6—the ledary suite designed for today’s home and business users.


* Work with more file formats

Experience more compatibility than ever with support for over 60 file types, including ODF, OOXML and the latest file formats. Includes full support for ® Excel®, ® PowerPoint® and ® Word files.

* Work with built-in PDF software

Avoid buying costly third-party PDF software. Use built-in file capabilities to open PDFs, edit them as a WordPerfect file, then republish as a PDF or other formats. Plus, use the Nuance® PaperPort 12 SE document manager to annotate, cut and paste content directly from a PDF.

* Work with classic WordPerfect ftures

Take control with classic WordPerfect ftures such as Revl and Make It Fit™ to crte professional-looking documents. Keep confidential content secure using the Redaction tool. Get started quickly and sily using custom-built templates and find the help and information you need using the WordPerfect Reference Center.

* Work with new collaborative tools and appliions

Collaborate with confidence using all-new appliions and built-in tools. Crte and share s and multimedia files using Studio® Essentials. Plus, use the WordPerfect eBook Publisher Add-on to crte, publish and share your very own eBook for smart and handheld rders like the Kindle.

New ftures:

WordPerfect X6 offers all-new built-in ftures and appliions to enhance your suite experience. Get it now and discover why there’s never been a better time to be a WordPerfect user.

* WordPerfect eBook Publisher

Crte, publish and share your very own eBook using the WordPerfect eBook Publisher. Write your eBook from scratch using the sy-to-use WordPerfect interface or reuse text from an existing document. Add chapters, a Table of Contents, photos, and more. When you’re finished, publish and share your eBook on smart and handheld devices such as the Kindle.

* Explorer and Outlook File Previewing

Check out files before you open them in Explorer and Outlook using built-in file previewing. Choose from a rich set of right-click options directly in the preview panel to allow you to work faster and more effectively on a variety of files.

* Studio Essentials X4

Turn your s and photos into Hollywood-style productions. Import pictures and from camcorders, digital cameras and cell . sily add menus, titles, music and special effects. Share your professional-looking s with friends and family via the web and email, or upload your s directly to YouTube®.

* Multiple Monitor Support

Simultaneously open and work on even more files than ever. Edit a document on one monitor while letting someone else view it on a second monitor to improve collaboration and productivity. For added functionality, open multiple files over multiple monitors, allowing you to sily multitask and manage large s of files at once.

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