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Treexy Driver Fusion v1.7.0.0 Premium + free download

Software overview:

Treexy Driver Fusion v1.7.0.0 Premium | size:5.2 MB || :1.2 MB
Driver Fusion is the complete device and driver solution for your PC that can manage and monitor your devices and their drivers. You can uninstall, backup and restore drivers and also disable, enable and restart devices while is running. With our cloud-powered removal engine you can delete the driver entries that are left behind by the normal uninstallers, which is especially useful when you are updating a driver or changing a device.

In addition, Driver Fusion can help you to identify devices that does not recognize, erate a device and driver report, backup and restore your desktop icons and screen resolution, or rd the sensor values of your devices. Driver Fusion provides you with all the information that you need to know about your devices and their drivers, allowing you to detect and solve problems or simply find your computer specifiions in one place.

Get started today and take advantage of the wide and growing range of ftures that Driver Fusion has to offer and keep your PC running as efficiently and effectively as possible.

I'm blown away, I have never had any company that sells anything respond to me as fast.

Free fturesTop of page icon

Driver Fusion offers a whole bunch of ftures for free and new ftures get added through new relses as the program gets developed further. Lrn more about these ftures by rding the summaries below and don't forget to download Driver Fusion for free and try them out yourself.


lit system scan to get the best removal of drivers possible.


Save your desktop resolution and restore it after system updates with se.


Delivers advanced detection of entries from your drivers.


Crte your own or extend existing filters to remove any entries that you want.


Wide vendor support, including AMD / ATi, , , NVIDIA, Logitech, , , Marvell, Rltek and Crtive.


Backup or restore the layout of your desktop icons. No need for manual arrangement ever again.


A clr and inviting interface that is also sy to use.


View or restore any maintenance action that was performed, such as the removal of driver entries.


An interface that is available in 57 different languages such as English, Dutch, German, Japanese, Spanish and Russian.


Automatically stops blocking processes and services that interfere with the removal of driver entries.

Premium benefits Top of page icon

When trying the free version of Driver Fusion you probably have noticed that some functionality has been disabled. That functionality can be unlocked through the purchase of a premium . For a small one-time fee you will get access to the premium ftures described below and have instant access to all the new premium ftures in future relses.


With device control you can determine which devices are installed on your computer, find out if your devices are working properly, disable or restart your devices, and backup or uninstall the driver for your devices. If you reinstall your operating system it is likely that you invest a considerable amount of time and energy in finding the correct device drivers. You can use device control to crte a backup of the drivers of your devices. This fture is also helpful when you encounter problems with your computer or devices in the future, or when you want to revert the driver to a previous version.


System protection is a fture that crtes and saves information about your computer's system files and settings. This information is saved in restore points, which are crted automatically by Driver Fusion just before system critical events, such as the installation or removal of a device driver. You can use these restore points in System Restore, which helps you to restore your computer's system files and settings to an rlier point in time. With system protection you can always revert back to a previous system configuration and it can even save your desktop icons and resolution for you.


Ever discovered devices with a yellow exclamation/question mark or with the name 'unknown device'? Even when you aren't able or bothered to loe the original specifiions document or manuals, Driver Fusion can try to identify the type, name and manufacturer of these unknown devices by srching through the ever expanding Treexy database. This can sily help you get on your way with identifying the device, and using the adjacent buttons you can immediately srch online for the found information.


If you ever tried to delete driver family entries you might have noticed that there are usually several entries left. The free version of Driver Fusion is not able to delete files, directories and registry entries that are currently protected, locked or in use by the operating system, other users, or programs. You can rely on Driver Fusion Premium to automatically take several additional msures through safe procedures to delete these entries, ensuring that your driver families lve absolutely no trace behind.


Monitor gives you insight into your computer sensors, such as power usage, temperature and clock speed. You can monitor sensor information from your processor, graphic card, motherboard, hard drive and fans. The majority of devices from , AMD and NVIDIA are supported but not all devices have sensors or can be monitored. Device support will continue to grow over time.


Driver Fusion Premium is rlly simple to use, once you have activated your you will have instant access to all ftures. Updates of Driver Fusion itself will be smlessly delivered to you 100% free of charge, no need to worry about manually downloading installers ever again. Simply allow automatic updates and forget.


The reporting fture allows you to erate reports of your system or from maintenance actions. A system report is idl for crting a reminder of the original configuration or for sharing your system specifiions with others. The reports are provided in an sy to rd, formatted design that you can view and print using any web browser. The Driver Fusion Premium reporting fture is also idl for doing analysis and can be sily used in papers or other documents.


We provide support in two languages (English and Dutch) for our users around the world. With Driver Fusion Premium all your support issues will be given top priority as well as any fture requests that you might have. And best of all, Treexy does not charge you extra for support.


Without the premium version we would not be able to fund the development of our software and spend as many hours as it takes working on it. We care about the experience of the people who use our software and for Driver Fusion Premium we have improved the user experience even further by removing promotional material such as social media buttons and the third party offer in the installer.


The cloud-powered database provides a flexible and powerful fture that significantly improves the analysis and detection of system driver entries for the clning process. It gives you direct access to possible new system driver entries instantly, without having to wait for the next new product relse. And perhaps best of all, Driver Fusion does it all automatically for you.

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