Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Shredder Chess v1.2.2 apk Free Download

Shredder, the most successful chess program ever, is now also available for Android. You can play

against Shredder, analyze with him and solve chess puzzles. It offers the usual Shredder standard for your


In addition to the outstanding playing strength of the 16 times computer chess world champion, Shredder

is also able to mimic the play of a human chess player with any playing strength. He even deliberately

makes typical human mistakes in those levels.

Solve 1000 built in chess puzzles. Shredder keeps track of your performance and offers advice if needed.

You can adjust Shredder’s playing strength from beginner to master level. If you like, Shredder

automatically adjusts his strength to yours. He even calculates an Elo rating for you. This is how the playing

strength of chess players is typically msured.

During the game a coach is watching your moves and warns you if you are about to make a mistake.

See how you are getting better and better the more games you play and the more chess puzzles you solve.

Works fine on mobile and large tablets.

* Adjustable playing strength

* Intuitive and very sy to operate

* 1000 built in chess puzzles

* Rates your play

* Outstanding playing strength

* Simulates opponent of any strength

* Analyse your games with Shredder, find your mistakes and improve your play

* Coach shows your mistakes

* Grt variety with built-in opening book

* Enter and analyze any position you like

* Load and save games (incl. names, date, etc.)

* Import and export games in PGN format

* Different chess boards and pieces

* Improve your play whenever and wherever you like


Download Here

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