Wednesday, May 25, 2016

RapidShare Manager for XP Portable

The RapidShare Manager (RSM) makes it sy to upload and allows multiple downloads at the same time. You can resume interrupted uploads and downloads and, as a Premium user, you can store files of up to 2,000 megabytes in size at RapidShare.

Description of functions

Premium Account
Log into your Premium Account with your access and . All settings are stored, so that from now on ch upload is carried out with your access data. The tool is also for Free users or owners of Collector's Accounts.

Uploading your files with the RSM is quite simple: Open the tab Upload and drag and drop all the files you want to upload into the list. Alternatively, click on the menu bar on the blue button "Add" to select the files. You can choose between several accounts (Premium, Collector or Free). If the upload is carried out using a Collector's account, enter the appropriate data and then click on "Upload".
You decide for yourself how much is uploaded at the same time. Uploads in the queue start automatically when on ongoing upload is completed. To get to the download link, right-click on the relevant line and select "Copy download link".
RSM Link

You can crte an RSM-link that refers to several files for other users of the RSMs. Choose those entries from the list of uploads that you want to combine in the RSM link. Marked entries will be shaded in blue. Then click on the menu bar on top on "Crte RSM link".
Now open a new window. On top, you will see the links that you have selected. You can change the combination again, add further links or copy a text in the field, from which RapidShare links will be automatically extracted. If you want to delete the entire selection, click on "Clr text".

You also have the facility to write a comment that will be displayed to other users during the download. The "erate RSM" button crtes a link that can be moved to the clipboard by clicking on "Copy URL". It can be pasted into an e-mail by right-clicking on the mouse.
Plse note that not all users work with the RSM, and therefore you may also want to offer individual download links as an alternative.

Download RapidShare Manager for XP Portable
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