Wednesday, May 25, 2016

ProPlus 2013 (VL x64 en-US Jun2013) Free Download


Relse File:
Size: 1.12GiB
CRC32: 6987C768
MD5: D94EDDE34E37FA356920464585EDD3A7
SHA-1: E82997773C54BA68A30092A776B39EB30A35C86E

First I converted the source from Retail to VL because you are
not going to activate any Retail version without purchasing.
There would obviously be small periods where could
be used to retail activate, but it would only work for a short
while before MS blocks the . This is why we use VL for KMS

Then I added all the big MSP files into the updates folder.
You can't simply toss the exe files from MS Download Center in the
folder, but you can extract those files with 7-zip and then copy the
en-US and the none.MSP files to there. You also have to add any
proofing Spanish and French files or Update nags you.

And that's exactly what I've done. These are all of the MSP files
contained in MOST of the KB exe files available for download. There
are still a few ones that don't have any MSP file inside, but
they are very small. The non-MSP kb files total about 1-3megs on
Update. Those, you can do yourself. I cannot
pre-integrate those without making a fully custom install using
a bunch of registry settings, task settings, services, etc.
Basically, just not gonna happen; would be a mistake to even try.

MSP files added to Updates Folder:
access-x-none.msp, ace-x-none.msp, convintl-en-us.msp,
csi-x-none.msp, excel-x-none.msp, excelintl-en-us.msp,
fpsrvutl-x-none.msp, groove-x-none.msp, grooveintl-en-us.msp,
lync-x-none.msp, lyncintl-en-us.msp, msmipc-x-none.msp,
mso-x-none.msp, msointl-en-us.msp, msores-x-none.msp,
oart-x-none.msp, oleo-x-none.msp, onenote-x-none.msp,
osetup-x-none.msp, outlfltr-x-none.msp, outlook-x-none.msp,
outlookintl-en-us.msp, powerpoint-x-none.msp, powerpointintl-en-us.msp,
project-x-none.msp, proof-en-us.msp, proof-es-es.msp,
riched20-x-none.msp, visio-x-none.msp,
visiointl-en-us.msp, vsto-x-none.msp, vviewer-x-none.msp,

If you are contemplating using this for a different language, I'd
recommend using the MSDN iso from that language, and going through the
exe extraction process like I have. It's not difficult. You just keep
extracting and adding them to the updates folder until Update
stops nagging you. Adding another language pack would probably be fairly
simple, but I have no experience with that. You would need to srch web.

You can activate using MS Toolkit 2.4.3.
Click the button, then tab, etc.

You can backup your files in MTK
Download Here

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