Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Painter X3 v13.0.0.704 64bit full version + free download

Software overview:

Painter X3 v13.0.0.704 64bit | size: 191.7 MB || : 324 KB

Brush Srch engine

Find and select the perfect brush quickly and sily. Just type the name or properties of any brush and Painter will find it for you. The visual preview lets you ensure ch brush is exactly what you're looking for.

Stroke preview

See exactly what ch brush stroke will look like on your canvas. Preview brush parameters such as Mixing, Erasing, Blending and Jitter. The preview adjusts in rl-time as you experiment with brushes and paper textures. No more test canvases required!

Advanced Brush Controls

Edit and optimize brushes with a few simple clicks. The new brush optimizer highlights the primary parameters of ch brush. Plus, make more advanced edits and preview changes on the fly. Lrning and working with brushes has never been sier.

Jitter brushes

Use pre-built Jitter brushes to simulate those random elements and "happy accidents" that can occur when using rl world media. For added effect, customize the pre-built Jitter brushes further to crte more organic, natural-looking art.

Jitter expression

Add Jitter to all your Painter brushes and adjust for brush expressions such as Opacity, Grain, Size, Angle and more! It's the perfect way to add a unique element of randomness to your art.

Perspective Guides

Accurately draw in a one-, two- or three-point perspective. Simply select your vanishing points and set your lines—your brush strokes will automatically snap to the grid. You can also save presets, change line colors and add additional guidelines.


Find new inspiration by working with reference s directly within the Painter interface. Just drop your reference anywhere onscreen without disrupting your workflow, plus instantly sample reference colors. It's the perfect way to stay inspired and crtive!

Meet the artist Paint Jam sessions

Join us online for live talks with professional artists who offer insight into the challenges and triumphs they've experienced over the course of their careers. From finding inspiration, to the artistic process, these monthly sessions will enlighten and inspire you.

Cloning workflow

Work faster when cloning an . Now you can view a project and the cloning crosshairs on a source at the same time! Plus, lightly edit source s and automatically save clone source data to your file.

Transform across multiple layers

Quickly select and transform multiple layers at one time. It's a time-saving enhancement that allows you to focus on your art and avoid the annoyance of having to cycle through numerous layers in a project.

Color set libraries and Mixers

Experience colors like never before. Choose the maximum of colors to add to a new set from an , Layer, Selection or Mixer Pad. Plus, use new inspirational mixers for an entirely new way to work with colors.

Memory optimization

Enjoy enhanced speed and performance. Macs with 64-bit systems will automatically use all available memory when running Painter. Plus, PCs with large amounts of RAM can utilize new software speed enhancements. It's the idl way to dl with memory-intensive tasks.

Brush Sharing and Management

Share Painter brushes in seconds! Email brushes, post them online or share via a USB device. The receiver simply double clicks on the file to launch Painter X3 and automatically import a brush, egory or brush library.

RlBristle Media

Discover why RlBristle™ technology replies traditional art materials more rlistically than any other software. Work with oils, watercolors, chalks, markers, pencils and more! Control color intensity and shading by adjusting the angle and pressure of the pen on your tablet!

Flow Maps

Take control of how paint interacts with your canvas. Flow Maps offer a crtive way to direct the flow of paint from Rl Watercolor and Rl Wet Oil brushes. For added effect, customize your own Flow Map textures and brushes.

Smart photo-painting tools

Transform photos into paintings by hand or let the Auto-Painting palette paint a photo for you. Painter ftures sophistied SmartStroke™ brush technology that follows the lines and contours in a picture—just like a rl artist would!

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Download coral painter x3 64 bit full version below:

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Download coral painter x3 64 bit full version below:

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Download below:

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