Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Inter WinDVR 3.0 Portable

Turn your PC into digital recorder and never miss your favorite shows. This viewing and recording solution ftures an Electronic Program Guide to srch program listings, pause, rewind and replay functionality, and an intuitive Task Manager to schedule recordings. Plus, you can use WinDVR 3 to convert VHS tapes to or discs!


* EPG (Electronic Programming Guide): Inter has integrated an EPG directly into WinDVR 3. We are proud to work with Decisionmark's Titan in the United States, Fast in Europe, and IEPG in Japan. ch EPG lets you sily find your favorite shows and schedule them for recording or viewing with a single click.
* Standards: WinDVR 3 supports MPEG-1, MPEG-2, V NTSC, V PAL, SV NTSC, SV PAL, NTSC and PAL formats.
* Channel Surfing: The program displays thumbnails of 16 channels at once to help you quickly scan what's on.
* Control: The Control in WinDVR 3 is just like the controls on a regular television. It has all of the standard functions like volume control, changing the channel, and more.
* Time-Shifting: Pause live , crte your own instant replay, or fast-forward through commercials with Time Shifting and Inter Home Thter. Never again will you miss any of the action if you're called away from the .
* Initialization Wizard: This "wizard" walks you through the steps of initializing on your PC and also helps you start recording.
* Parental Control: WinDVR 3's Parental Control fture you can lock out channels you don't want them to view.
* Teletext: WinDVR 3 incorporates Teletext, a television information service in Europe that offers fun, facts and information 24 hours a day.

Recording Functions

* DV, V, SV And Compatible File Output: WinDVR 3 lets you save your favorite shows as DV (digital ), V ( compact ), SV (super compact ) and files.
* Advanced De-interlacing And Noise Reduction: WinDVR 3 utilizes advanced de-interlacing technology for maximum compression efficiency and to remove the artifacts that may appr when watching and shows on a computer screen.
* Unmatched Quality: Inter is known for the quality of its software products, and that tradition continues in WinDVR 3 with
* Advanced De-interlacing
* Noise reduction
* Sophistied Compression Aorithms
* Best audio and synchronization
* Smooth, full frame rate capture (at full resolution, 720x480 or 720x576)
* Best time-shifting quality in terms of smoothness and synchronization
* World-class Enr: WinDVR 3 offers the best enr available for recording. Our proven technology guarantees that you will always get the best picture quality when recording in rl-time.

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