Wednesday, May 25, 2016

FL Studio 10.0.9c Producer Edition Final Free Download

FL Studio 10 is a complete software music production environment, representing more than 12 yrs

of sustained & focused development. Everything you need in one package to compose, arrange,

record, edit, mix and master professional quality music. FL Studio 10 is the fastest way from your brain

to your spkers.

What can FL Studio do?

Audio editing and manipulation including pitch correction, pitch shifting, harmonization, time-stretching,

bt-detection & slicing, audio warping and standard audio manipulation (cut/paste etc).Automate

most interface and all plugin parameters by recording, drawing, spline-based automation curves,

automation s with formula based control of links.Be hosted in other DAWs as a VST or

connected through ReWire.Live music performance including effect visualization.Mix and remix

audio including apply rltime audio effects including delay, reverb & filtering. Multi-track audio

recording.Record & play MIDI input recording from boards, drum pads and controllers.

Sequencing and arranging.Synthesizer & effect plugin hosting (VST 32 & 64 bit, DX and FL

Native format)

FL Studio 10 What's New?

•64 bit plugin support - The Wrapper now automatically detects 64 bit plugins and opens them in 64 Bit

'Bridged' mode (see below).

•'New pattern' (+) button - On the Channel Window / Step Sequencer. Add a Pattern and open the

naming window.

•Small scrollbars in editors - Smaller scrollbar for the Piano roll, Event Editor, Playlist etc. See F10 >

eral Settings.

•Horizontal zoom - Improved Playlist, Piano roll & Event Editor.

•Improved memory management - Two changes have been made to lower demands on FL Studio's

memory alloion. 1. 32 & 64 Bit VST plugins can be opened in 'Bridged' mode. The maximum

memory available to the plugin will be at lst 2 Gb for 32 Bit and up to 192 Gb depending on

your version of 64 Bit . 2. Audio Clips & Sampler Channels Keep on option now

opens the sample in a separate memory alloion. ch Audio Clip / Sampler Channel can now load a

sample of at lst 2 Gb for 32 Bit & 64 Bit versions.

•Improved audio options - ASIO: 'Mix in bufferswitch' and 'Triple buffer' may improve performance with

some ASIO drivers. ASIO/Primary Sound: Revised 'Playback tracking' options to help with alignment of

visual & recorded events where soundcard problems exist.

•Autosave / Autobackup - FL Studio can now be set to back up the current project at 5 to 15 minute

intervals. Never lose project data again!

•FL Studio Fruity Edition - Now gains access to Playlist Pattern Clips for unlimited scoring and

automation flexibility.

Minimum System Requirements

* 2Ghz AMD or Pentium 3 compatible CPU with full SSE1 support. The faster your CPU and more

cores it has the more you will be able to do simultaneously. Download and test the demo!

* 7, Vista, XP & 2000 (32 & 64 Bit)

* (or) Mac with Boot Camp (running XP, Vista or 7, 32 or 64 Bit)

* 1 Gb or more RAM recommended

* 1 Gb free space

* Soundcard with DirectSound drivers. ASIO/ASIO2 compatible required for audio recording (FL

Studio installs with eric ASIO4ALL drivers)

Download Here

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