Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Cinematographer Pro Incl Free Download


> Adjust settings put the camera through the use of an sy interface to the computer screen rather than the small L screen on the camera.
> Use board, mouse or touch screen, camera commanded to write the .
> View screen of the camera directly on your computer screen. This is good to consider and frame components. Imagine being able to see the full-screen viewing directly on your computer screen instd of L display on the small screen!
> Using the amplifier to see the focus ar. Directive can configure colors and sensitivity to ensure the focus exactly where you need it.
> Use manual focus or click / touch the screen to autofocus. Then zoom in on the focus point to ensure that you get the perfect focus for the sharpest .
> Start a separate window in Cinematographer Pro to pull your attention! This window can be placed on a different screen if necessary and pull sily.
> Experience the power of live chart! Now you can be sure the lighting is just right. Red, green, blue and luminance chart is displayed as an overlay option.
> and much more .......

What's new in Version 4.3

~No longer gives occasional error on shutting down.
~Help files are now displayed in the default web browser. This allows copying/pasting and printing.
~Fixed the debug log that would sometimes give errors when written to.

Supported os:

8 [32 & 64 bit]
7 [32 & 64 bit]
Vista [32 bit]
XP SP3 [32 bit]

Install notes

1,install setup
2.register using given
3.done.enjoy the relse

Download Here

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