Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Android 4.4-KitKat latest ftures


* Multiple profiles:

This is one of grt ftures expected to be relsed in kit-kat. This fture is similar to that of normal

laptops with multi-users,this helps in using more than one profile at a time without intercepting ch

others process also there is option of running two profiles at a time in kit-kat,this mns i can connect

my phone on a network and two users can run at a time.

This fture provides insulation for two similar programs.

* Corrections to Android Device Manager:

The small errors crept in previous android device managers are tried hardly to rectify in new version.

I hope they bring a better interface for device manager.

* Downloadable maps in Google Maps:

I always miss my google maps when i don't have proper net connection,this fture allows us to

download maps of any ar and use them when you don't have net connection also this fture helps

to load a local map more quickly.

The only defect it got is i can't get the updated map of local ar if i am using the old maps,because

google doesn't update maps too soon i think this issue is of deck.

* Native Google controller app:

Watching google ,bored of using your remote control,then use this app to control google .

* iMessage/Whatsapp equivalent built into messenger:

After interducing whatsapp i never used a normal message fture. This just changed the trend of

chatting with its lovely interface and cute smilies.

I don't hope so iMessage replaces whatsapp in way it integrated into our lives like facebook.

* Native support for direct-to-SD app downloads:

This is good fture to have for those app lovers who frequently run into problems of not having

enough memory to download a new app as there internal memory is full,some of let you transfer

apps to an SD card but initial installation has to be made to the internal memory

* Shared photo strms:

This is fture alrdy existing in ios.The concept behind this is to share a folder of pics to your friends

without uploading them.

* Bluetooth smart technology:

In recent yrs bluetooth v4.0 is developed which has a capacity to send data 20x times more than

the previous version.But till now no OS used it effectively.Kit-kit is designed to use it to its

full capacity.

* board update:

A new board interface is proposed to be designed in Kit-kat which provides better visibility and

less mistouch errors.

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