Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Active undelete enterprise v8.6.27 + free download

Software overview:

* Recover deleted Files and Folders

This is essentially the main fture of Active@ UNDELETE. To recover accidentally deleted files,

simply scan the drive where they were deleted, then browse the scan results in a familiar -

explorer like browser, srch and filter the results, select the required files, and recover them to a safe

loion. You can preview the scan results to confirm that the detected files are exactly the ones you


* Scan for Deleted Partitions

In some cases, the files you seek from a particular drive do not appr to existing anymore - the

partitions have either been deleted or overwritten by a new one. There is still a chance to recover some

files in such a situation! The software can loe the deleted partitions first and allow you to scan them to

revl lost or detected files you need.

* Scan for files by their signatures

Active UNDELETE can find files by their unique format specifiion (signature) even if the files cannot be

found as part of the File Table. See table below for detailed list of supported files signatures.

* Restore detected partition

Is your partition gone? Whether accidentally deleted by a user or by malicious software, there is still a

chance to restored it if it has not been overwritten yet. Scan the Hard for deleted partitions and use

the Restore command to get your partition back! We recommend restoring important data first.

* Working with a corrupted RAID system

A disassembled RAID array can be virtually recrted by Active@ UNDELETE and some of the files

loed on the array can be recovered.

* Partition Manager Overview

By using the Partition Manager module in Active UNDELETE, you can perform basic partition

operations such as crtion, format and delete. It can be useful during partition recovery operations.

* Editing with Editor

For advanced operations, you can manipulate partition table and boot sector attributes by using

template dialogs;

* Overview

We recommend the crtion of a of a drive you are working with before any actual recovery

or partition restoration is performed. It may prevent further data loss or in case of incrsing hardware


* File Preview

To confirm that the file you have detected is exactly the file you seek, you can use the File Preview

fture before actual recovery. It also helps to confirm file integrity first.

* Active Organizer utility

The file organizer program is primarily used to open files of a chosen extension, look at data contained

within that file, crte a folder structure that matches the data contained within the file and move / copy

the file to that folder. Its primary function is to organize / rename files after a astrophic data loss.

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