Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A strong rson for not existence of aliens

A solution:

Do aliens exist is question,i am curious from my childhood to solve this question,i used to think about

this everyday before going to bed and i quite did resrch on this question,then on one day i found

solution from this, a true rson why?

Scientists used to believe that human DNA was stable and do not rct to the outside situations i.e it

doesn't change,but later it's found that DNA do change but we are unable to detect this change. We

all know that we evolved from apes but my question is what before?

I know that we started as a single celled organisms like amoebae then to something that we do not

know and to apes and to humans.Many historical facts told us or given a set of proves that we are

apesand we evolved to humans. But what is before is not recorded.This is the rson why we lost

continuum in evolution.

Recent excavations found pictures of different species on walls of pyramids or exo-skeletons of

species that we do not know i.e there DNA was different that we ever saw,we assumed that those are

someother species came from other celestial but we never thought that why this can't be we? May be

we are like them before apes,and we changed to apes in process of evolution,we might have lost the

recordsas that happened in the time that we never knew . We never thought like this,that is why we

thought ofaliens and existence and various division to prove this.

We never were capable of exactly reconstructing a mummy face from their tombs neither we are

unable to examine their DNA correctly.

I know you all may feel what are those pictures,s taken of mysterious things in air(flying

saucers)thatare been published saw i say it is bullshit,because if they are rlly present they

would have preferredstlth mode,why would they expose there identity. It is just crted story

and those pictures,s,proofs etc. of aliens were fake. Let us assume that there are aliens,then

answer me one question whywould they come to rth? you say may be in srch of food.

But i say in srch of god,in srch of true rson for life. The rson i came to this conclusion is

nospecies will ever spend its entire life or lot of money for such stupid resrch unless it is only

for onerson, to srch true rson for life. As those proofs says us that they have more

knowledge than usthen they definitely know that we do not have answer for this

Rson for why they do not exist?

Travelling through space from one galaxy to other is no sy task. It is not sy because, distance is

notthe factor in space,it is time. In process of coming from one galaxy to other we have to travel

throughdifferent nurtured particles where a lifeforms cannot be persistent to all changes. No metal

ship canbe constructed which can be stable with all time varying particles. This is the rson why i

came tothe conclusion that aliens do not exit.

Some of the journals suggested that a constant time portal called worm holes can be constructed

across space which link from on time time to other.I tell you that it is possible that this type of things

doexist but it is not possible to construct them by a species because a high mount of energy has to

beconcentrated at a point causing a brk in time and linking back to other time and keeping time

constant in overall journey is practically not possible. But this process rlly happen when large

starsdie,only in such case black holes and warm holes form but not in any other possible case.

Rson for various lifeforms pictures found on planets?

Before starting of life god did some experiments on all planet conditions for life to remain constant,

butthey all went failure they only one successful result is rth where life remained constant without

any side affects. The various photos that found were from millions millions millions.... yrs back.

Thoselight rays that are responsible for this photography were those that touched them at that and

time andsince then they are circulating in space and we got those and assumed that those are from

this time.So i finally my conclusion that life do not exist on other planets there is one one life

containing planetthat is rth, any resrch they do to find about aliens is just a vain..

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