Wednesday, May 25, 2016

8 paid apps for free

Installed 8. Want to use the paid apps for free in store. Just follow the below steps to activate a paid app in full mode.

This works for both 64 BIT and 32 BIT.

8 paid apps for free | size: 11.6 Mb

1. Go to 8 app store and click on a app you want & instd of clicking Buy It click the button that says Try It. Wait until the app is completely installed do not open the app afters its installed.

2. Download the file from any of the link below and extract it.

Download 8 paid app for free below:

click here

Mirror links:

click here

3. After you download the file Extract everything to your desktop then open up the folder.

4. Click on the folder that says relse & open it. If you have a 32 Bit computer open the folder that says ws_32 and If you have a 64 open the folder that says ws_64.

5. After you open one of those folders click on the file that says installer & wait until it finishes should be quick then go back to the relse folder & click the folder called ws_anycpu.

6. After you open the folder you should see a file called TokensExtractor open that file & wait until it opens. When it opens you will see a bunch of Apps listed find the Apps you recently installed should have the word (Trial) at the end of it then click on it & click It then should be all set & should have the full game.


1. There is no virus in the downloaded file. If it says virus is present plse ignore it. Otherwise it will delete all files in folder then you cannot your paid apps.

2. This doesn't work for 8.1.

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